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Sizes and Shapes of Bubbles


Bubbles hit us here at Otto like an atom bomb. They answered so many of our dreams — any shape without expensive tooling, three dimensional, holographic, not reproducible. They were also well-received by our forward-thinking clients. Of course, that very flexibility also makes it hard to offer guidance on price and art specs.

For the most part, size is limited only by the size of the canvas you’ll be applying the bubbles to. Since we’re usually making bubbles to be applied to laminated badges, the max size is in the range of 2½” wide to 4″ tall. Circles are the easiest to place and seem to adapt well to logo shapes, although other simple shapes — geometric shapes, road signs, banners and ribbons, flags, and so-forth — are easy to produce and generally economical. However…

However, as you can see from the selection shown at top, very little limits your imagination. Very fine or thin lines will not bubble well. Inside curves need to be softened, but still, notice the Tom Petty 2012 bubble, which seems to have pushed the limits of the complexity of outlines and remains a favorite even today.

The dimensions of the examples within this article are pretty typical of what we’ve produced so far. That’s not to say they’re the limits. Only, bear in mind that the bigger the bubble, the more each one costs to make.

(L-R:) Michael Bublé = ½" diameter, Tom Petty 2012 = 2⅛" x 2¼", Bob Dylan 2013 = 2" x 1.23", Tom Petty 2013 = 1.90" x 1.83", Moody Blues 2014 = 2" x 1.23".

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