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Bubble Badge™ — World’s Most Secure Badge

Bubble Laminates

Counterfeit badges and tickets continue to plague bands and festivals. There are websites and blogs that tell kids how to make counterfeit badges.

We needed to develop an added security measure that the naked eye could identify yet could not be reproduced. So, we molded a bubble to the lamination film to make a one piece badge. We encapsulate custom art or logos in a clear, flexible, synthetic, polyurethane bubble that is designed to dent and rebound instead of scratching. It is clearly visible to security and virtually impossible to fake, and it looks and feels amazing. Clients absolutely LOVE them!

Joshua Hassell of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tour reports “Everyone including the band and Tom Petty love your laminates so much. I think they are giving them away like candy…”

Al Santos of the Bob Dylan tour praises the security aspect of the mere presence of a bubble on a pass, saying that he has occasionally forgotten to put a bubble on a pass and had them come back to him — thanks to vigilant security folk who were that much more easily able to spot a wrong pass.

We can produce any color or shape, in plain, or holographic foil.

Other options include: anti-counterfeit custom shapes, barcode, RFID (radio frequency identification)

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