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Welcome New Hire to Otto

Any industrial or commercial space of any size and/or age will inevitably accrete a collection of… objects. Stuff. The space newly occupied by Otto is no exception. We occupy a loft space on the third floor of an industrial building that could be as old as a hundred years or more without much difficulty. Our space is in what one might call the East Wing of the building. Our floor was formerly occupied by a space the building’s owner used to display and sell… objects and stuff perhaps useful to businesses. Furniture. Equipment. Racks. Dollies. Shelving. Cabinets. And, if you’re into that kind of stuff (as we all are, being a collection of nerds), endlessly fascinating.

When we were first looking at this space — months before we moved here, we, of course, poked our noses into all the various corners, nooks, and crannies where all the neat stuff was stashed away. And there, in a vast two-story space, lit with smokey light from high, dust-encrusted windows and sunbeams cris-crossing in the dust floating on the ancient air, standing high up on a steel shelf, almost as though placed there a thousand years ago and promptly forgotten, was a carved wooden…

Laughing Buddha.

Alger seems to think it’s actually a Shinto god of good fortune, but the Internet seems conflicted on this point and what does Alger know anyway?

Immediately on seeing it, Caroline fell in love and had to have it. She put in her request to the landlord right away. Today, Chris bravely went back there and pulled him down from the shelf, (he only weighs about fifty pounds), and brought him up front, where he had his picture taken for his laminate and a place was found for him near Caroline’s desk.

If Cash isn’t put off by him, expect to see more of the Laughing Buddha on these pages.

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