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Bag Tag Templates

This product’s template(s) is/are under development. We are currently gathering setting up PDFs and. Once that is done and uploaded, the template(s) will appear in this space. Please check back periodically for new content, as we will be adding it continuously.

You don’t really save much time doing your own bag tag art. It’s four lines of type — an address and a phone number in boilerplate. It’s good to have the text already typed up and — more importantly — proofread, so we can copy-and-paste it into our one-up file. That prevents errors. A Good Thing. But it doesn’t need to be all pasted up in an Illustrator file. It can just be text in an email message.

The real work has been done years ago, and that’s the setting up of the numbers in pages. We don’t re-typeset those for every job. We re-use boilerplate files. This is one reason we’re able to hold the line on tag prices. We’re reusing work done two-plus decades ago. However, here’s a typical one-up layout…

Base size, “luggage tag” pouch, slot punch

Please note: Please do not bother to set numbers. These are pre-set, in printing forms. The only options we can offer at these prices are foreground and background colors and the typeface used on the return address.

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