The Most Affordable Badges for Over 50 Years

Features of Stickon Passes

OTTO stickons have long been the standard of the touring and event security industry. Starting in 1974, printing on rayon acetate satin, OTTO virtually invented the backstage pass. And we didn’t stop there. We were the first to build systems of passes, all design with a visual unity, shape- and color-coded for easy visual identification to provide production and security managers a simple, flexible and modular means of controlling granted access to areas of a venue at all times during the day.

Embossed_OttobugRecent economic conditions have raised the cost of synthetic fabrics — of which our satin is one — beyond what the market, in our opinion, will bear. So we’ve developed a new stock, based on natural and renewable materials, our embossed, latex-impregnated badge stock. This is less expensive than satin is these days, and offers the additional advantage of being better printable than satin. We get far better, cleaner, and brighter images than ever before on sticky stock. In addition, in making our private brand stock, we have the Otto logo debossed into the surface as an anti-counterfeit measure.

Satin is still available, for those who prefer it and don’t find the premium price a problem. And, when you specify satin to us, you get satin. Insist on the real thing.

All OTTO stickon passes are of superior graphic quality and consistency, and are ideally suited for the task of a single-use credential.

We offer, of course, a range of standard square and rectangular sizes, as well as standard die-cut shapes — circles, octagons, hexagons, ellipses, pentagons, and triangles. We can also provide custom shapes at very reasonable prices for tooling and setup.

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