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Bag tags

OTTO luggage and bag tags are two-sided with 10 mil (.010”) polyester laminate with sealed edges or flush trim. All corners are die-cut round for safety and comfort. Each tag is slot punched and includes a 6” nylon loop tie. Grommets are available as an option for greater durability. Luggage tags typically include name, address and phone number to contact if luggage, bag or equipment is found. These tags are extremely durable and will last for years.

Features of Baggage & Equipment Tags

Bag tags need to do three things well.

First, they need to provide a measure of security by ensuring that, if your luggage is lost, it can be returned to you. Not that it will, but that it can.

This is why, semantically, we recommend that the phrasing of a bag tag be, “If lost…” not “If found…”. It is also why we have started recommending the inclusion of an email address on tags. Rex King tells a story that ends in the recovery of a most important piece of luggage entirely due to his having had his email address printed on his tour’s tags. Ask him about it next time you run into him on the road.

Your tag must also provide a legal identification of your bag as yours (or as belonging to a member of a traveling party), although that is almost secondary these days. However, in the case of a music tour, the tag must not identify a bag as being — as we say — part of a rock star’s luggage, because that’s just a big sign reading “steal me!” We’re adept at finding the line that matches these two requirements up.

Second, bag tags must provide ready identification of luggage on a baggage carousel. In most cases, strong coloration (and not necessarily a bright color) is sufficient. A navy blue tag is just as visible in the jumble of grays and browns on the belt as a red tag is. Add a second color, as contrasting type, and you have an icon that is readily spotable from a distance without your needing to read it. You can recognize your tags from the fifty or seventy-five feet away across the carousel in a busy airport.

Of course, if you’re traveling by charter, or on a bus, this is not so much of a problem. However, being able to easily read large numbers, or sort luggage by the color of the tag, can make arrivals at hotels so much easier, smoother, and more efficient. As you know better than we do.

Third, last but not least, it must stand up to a lot of punishment. It has to be durable. We use tough polyester laminating film and brass grommets (the kind with a large washer for reinforcement) to ensure that that famous baggage ape from the American Tourister commercials can’t do in your bag tag, either.

Bagtag Sizes & Shapes

Flush-trim Bag Tags trim to 2.5″ x 4.25″ with .125″ rounded corners and standard slot punch.

Pouch Laminated Bag Tag Inserts trim to 2.25″ x 3.5″ with .125″ rounded corners. The insert is laminated into a pouch with a 1/8″ edge seal on all four sides with a standard slot punch.

If you want the addtional durability of a Gromment, then the Pouch Laminated Bag Tag Inserts trim to 2.25″ x 4″ with .125″ rounded corners. The insert is laminated into a pouch with a 1/8″ edge seal with a sturdy brass grommet.

Please see Bag Tag Templates for more details.

Bag Tag Templates

This product’s template(s) is/are under development. We are currently gathering setting up PDFs and. Once that is done and uploaded, the template(s) will appear in this space. Please check back periodically for new content, as we will be adding it continuously.

You don’t really save much time doing your own bag tag art. It’s four lines of type — an address and a phone number in boilerplate. It’s good to have the text already typed up and — more importantly — proofread, so we can copy-and-paste it into our one-up file. That prevents errors. A Good Thing. But it doesn’t need to be all pasted up in an Illustrator file. It can just be text in an email message.

The real work has been done years ago, and that’s the setting up of the numbers in pages. We don’t re-typeset those for every job. We re-use boilerplate files. This is one reason we’re able to hold the line on tag prices. We’re reusing work done two-plus decades ago. However, here’s a typical one-up layout…

Base size, “luggage tag” pouch, slot punch

Please note: Please do not bother to set numbers. These are pre-set, in printing forms. The only options we can offer at these prices are foreground and background colors and the typeface used on the return address.

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