The Most Affordable Badges for Over 50 Years


Laminated Passes brick wall

Fan Favorites – Otto’s Pouch and Flush Trim Laminated Passes are ideal for long term use. Laminates come in three standard sizes and virtually unlimited intermediate sizes and shapes with four color printing on one or both sides.

Laminates are slot punched with optional two-hole punch for chains. Corners are always die-cut round for safety and comfort.

Additional security features include name/title/photo, seat assignment, color code, barcode, QR Code, RFID, sequential numbering and custom shapes. Holographic laser foil options also available.

Our latest innovation, the Bubble Badge™, is THE MOST SECURE BADGE IN THE WORLD.

Display these mini works of art on a custom printed Lanyard or choose from our in-stock Lanyards if you are in a big hurry.


Our stickon passes will stick to you like glue.

With the invention of rayon satin StickOn Passes in 1974, OTTO was dubbed “Creators of the Backstage Pass.” Designed for one-time use, but kept by fans and collectors for life, our proprietary adhesives stick to clothes and won’t fall off.

Embossed Stickies:
Stickon passes showing Embossed_OttobugOUR MOST POPULAR AND ECONOMICAL satin cloth alternative. Otto’s premium, custom material stickon still has the look of rayon satin, but with far superior color matching. Best of all, OTTO’s Embossed Stickies are more eco-friendly and less expensive than our satin stickon pass. Not only that, but we have added a new feature. Our private brand stock is made with the Otto logo debossed into the surface as an anticounterfeit measure.

We can hot stamp foil, die cut shapes and personalize dates or barcodes with outstanding results.

Satin Cloth StickOn:
Unlike cheap, commercial rayon satin passes, OTTO’s Stick On Passes don’t fray and markers don’t run. And… when you specify satin with us, you get satin.

In-Stock “Generic” Stick Ons:
Pre-printed “Media”, “Working”, “Backstage”, “VIP”, “Meet & Greet” and “After Show” with write-in boxes are available same day for prepaid orders placed by Noon (EST). Express shipping charges apply.



Wristbands from Otto have options to fit YOUR EVENT needs!

Vinyl and Plastic:
Waterproof, durable and customizable. Vinyl & Plastic wristbands come in an endless array of colors and finishes.

Ruff ‘N’ Tuff™:
OTTO’s EXCLUSIVE Full Color synthetic paper wristbands. These stunning, full color yet low cost wristbands resist tearing, weather, water, oil, grease and, of course, duplication. Add hot stamp foil to create a highly visible, distinctive wristband that enhances the aesthetic of your event.

Woven Festival Bands:
Enjoy premium QUALITY and unparalleled SECURITY with this comfortable and surprisingly affordable fabric wristband. Tamper resistant Slide Lock® self-locking closures are available in matching colors and RFID options. The wristband of choice for music festivals.



Braided Cord Lanyards:
Our most popular braided cord lanyards with swivel hook in black are always available in-stock. Many other color options are available with approximately 1 week turnaround.

lan_breakway_colors_0315Shoelace Lanyards:
Flat woven shoelace lanyards are also available in many color options with approximately 1 week turnaround. We stock nine colors of these with breakaway safety links. (Picture at right.)

Custom Printed Lanyards:
Custom imprinting is available on 3/8″, 5/8″, 3/4″ and 1″ lanyards with 2 to 3 week turnaround.


Bag tags

OTTO luggage and bag tags are two-sided with 10 mil (.010”) polyester laminate with sealed edges or flush trim. All corners are die-cut round for safety and comfort. Each tag is slot punched and includes a 6” nylon loop tie. Grommets are available as an option for greater durability. Luggage tags typically include name, address and phone number to contact if luggage, bag or equipment is found. These tags are extremely durable and will last for years.



OTTO can print for you the most beautiful hard tickets from the smallest club to the largest stadiums in the world. Over the years, we have ticketed events by the Rolling Stones, the Grateful Dead, the Police, as well as the downtown cinema series. If you’re at all concerned about the image of your event — and why wouldn’t you be? — you could do a lot worse than put some of these beauties in the hands of your attendees.



Door Signs:
Professional Room and Direction Signs provide your security, staff, artists and VIPs with key location information while creating an exclusive atmosphere. Our graphic design team will coordinate signs with the entire look of your event.

Pass Boards:
Many events feature a combination of laminates, stick on passes and wristbands. Pass Boards display your entire pass system at a glance as a quick reminder for staff and security enforcement personnel. Pass boards can be printed or provided in Adobe .pdf format — now with EDITABLE FIELDS.

Standard Sign Sizes: 8 ½” x 11″; 11″ x 17″; 12″ x 18″ and 18″ x 24″.



Posters by OTTO are designed and printed with the same fussy attention to quality and detail as are our passes. They have also been well-known in certain circles for just as long.

While we work for the striking image, the thing we never forget is that the purpose of a poster is to sell tickets. It does no good to that end if it’s not readable and if it can’t be stapled up on a phone pole and read by all passersby.

Don’t forget to ask your OTTO rep about the possibility of laminating posters and handbills to add that extra bit of pop.


OTTO has the ability to produce your tour itinerary books, from cover to binding with all the high-touch service you’ve come to expect from us. Ask your rep for details.

Bubble Badge™ — World’s Most Secure Badge

Bubble Laminates

Counterfeit badges and tickets continue to plague bands and festivals. There are websites and blogs that tell kids how to make counterfeit badges.

We needed to develop an added security measure that the naked eye could identify yet could not be reproduced. So, we molded a bubble to the lamination film to make a one piece badge. We encapsulate custom art or logos in a clear, flexible, synthetic, polyurethane bubble that is designed to dent and rebound instead of scratching. It is clearly visible to security and virtually impossible to fake, and it looks and feels amazing. Clients absolutely LOVE them!

Joshua Hassell of the Tom Petty and the Heartbreakers tour reports “Everyone including the band and Tom Petty love your laminates so much. I think they are giving them away like candy…”

Al Santos of the Bob Dylan tour praises the security aspect of the mere presence of a bubble on a pass, saying that he has occasionally forgotten to put a bubble on a pass and had them come back to him — thanks to vigilant security folk who were that much more easily able to spot a wrong pass.

We can produce any color or shape, in plain, or holographic foil.

Other options include: anti-counterfeit custom shapes, barcode, RFID (radio frequency identification)

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