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Wristbands from Otto have options to fit YOUR EVENT needs!

Vinyl and Plastic:
Waterproof, durable and customizable. Vinyl & Plastic wristbands come in an endless array of colors and finishes.

Ruff ‘N’ Tuff™:
OTTO’s EXCLUSIVE Full Color synthetic paper wristbands. These stunning, full color yet low cost wristbands resist tearing, weather, water, oil, grease and, of course, duplication. Add hot stamp foil to create a highly visible, distinctive wristband that enhances the aesthetic of your event.

Woven Festival Bands:
Enjoy premium QUALITY and unparalleled SECURITY with this comfortable and surprisingly affordable fabric wristband. Tamper resistant Slide Lock® self-locking closures are available in matching colors and RFID options. The wristband of choice for music festivals.

Features of Synthetic Wristbands

OTTO offers three basic wristband types: paper, plastic, and cloth. The paper is called either Tyvek or the name of some other synthetic stock. (OTTO uses one of those; our product is branded ‘Ruff ‘n’ Tuff™.’). The plastic used is vinyl (PVC). The cloth is woven and embroidered from a variety of yarns.

  • Tyvek Bands
  • Note: Tyvek Bands are in general meant for less sophisticated art, larger runs, longer turnarounds.
    • Low cost
    • Long runs
    • Split in even box counts (500 per)
    • Simple art (generally black-on-color)
    • Color-codeable (in a limited set of colors)
  • Ruff ‘n’ Tuff™ Bands
  • Note: Ruff ‘n’ Tuff™ bands are OTTO‘s in-house brand of synthetic wristbands. We developed them to address what we saw as shortcomings of Tyvek bands in terms of logistics and production. We are able to offer shorter runs, full-color art, higher-quality printing, and greater flexibility in variable data.
    • Reasonable cost compared to price for custom, full-color Tyvek bands
    • Short, flexible runs
    • Quick turnaround
    • Full-color art
    • More-flexible run configuration
    • Color-codeable (printed in full color, can be color-coded to any color you like).

Features of Woven Wristbands

Woven wristbands came about, and have gained massive popularity at multi-day festivals, because they are far more comfortable to wear than plastic, hospital-style wristbands. Add to that the fact that there are far fewer (almost none) restrictions on the type and color(s) of art to be used in the process, and you have a winner.

  • Other Optional Features
    • Standard production includes up to 6 colors. (More colors available at additional cost.)
    • Orders over 5,000 units total, the self-locking closure can match band color. (Otherwise, black is standard.)
    • Orders over 5,000 units total, up to 3 “code” colors optional. (Over 10,000, up to five code colors.)
    • Optional silver or gold “Lurex” glitter thread available for a nominal upcharge, as are custom Lurex colors.
    • UV (blacklight) thread available: orange, yellow, pink, green, or white for a nominal upcharge.
    • Serial numbering available for a nominal upcharge.
  • Standard turnaround is 2-4 weeks in product, plus transit time to your location. Rush orders possible; please inquire first.

Wristband Sizes & Shapes

All types of wristbands have three parts. There is the band, which must go around any person’s wrist, and so needs to be so long; there is the closure, which must be easy to operate and yet prevent unauthorized transfer of the band; and there is the live imprint area, where the information and imagery the band is being used to convey is displayed.

Because the live imprint area must show all or most of its content across the back of an average person’s wrist, (and an identifiable majority of that content if the band is mis-oriented when presented for visual inspection), there is a practical limit to its size. Consider this area analogous to the “category” on a regular pass — either a laminate or a sticky. It is going to be roughly four or five inches long by the width of the band. Say one by four-and-a-half.

OTTO produces three general types of bands, synthetic, Ruff ‘n’ Tuff™ (roughly equivalent to Tyvek), vinyl, and woven Festival bands. Each has its own product peculiarities that dictate the specific size of the imprint area.

  • Ruff ‘n’ Tuff™ Bands
    • Band size: 1" by 10"
    • Imprint area: 5¾" by 78" (Full bleed of solid colors or striptints possible; please inquire.
  • Vinyl Bands
    • Band size: 1" by 9 38", plus closure tab.
    • Imprint area: ½" by 3 78"; no bleed allowable.
  • Festival (woven) Bands
    • Band size: .6″ x 13.77″
    • Imprint area: .6″ x 5.91"; tails 2.76"; full bleed permissible.

Wristband Templates

Formal templates for wristbands are in preparation at this time. They should be uploaded here in a matter of days. However, if you can’t wait, we do have informal templates available. Contact your OTTO representative and we will send you the appropriate template.

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